Die Idee Story1 
The Idea

Spring 2011: We, Mario and Timm, had just quit our jobs and set up our first homebrew kit in a share apartment in the Glockenbachviertel district of Munich. We had tossed aside our suits and ties and donned overalls and gumboots for the dream of creating our own beer.

Our goal: to make creative and exciting beers that would revolutionize the world of German beer!

Everyone thought we were crazy – friends and family tried to talk us out of our dream and even our landlord gave us a hard time. Our house, where we were running our homebrew kit from, was owned by a traditional Munich brewery. But we stood our ground and, after months of refining the recipe and after countless hours of tasting, we did it. Our first beer was finally exactly how we wanted it to be, and we are still making it that way: CREW Republic “Foundation 11 – Pale Ale”!